Nizhny Novgorod's leading vodka producer, JSC "ROOM", also is the one of the regions tax payers, according to 1997-1999 government data. Founded in 1993, "ROOM" is a joint-stock company that began producing vodka and other alcoholic beverages a year later. The staff of one hundred people can produce up to 500 000 litres a month.

As the only regional alcohol producer operating its own alcohol processing plant, "ROOM" is strategically positioned to dominate the high-quality vodka market. Since water is the main ingridient of vodka, water purity is of ulmost importance. Its composition determines transparency, taste and strength of the vodka.

"ROOM" plant prepares 60 000 litres of purified water an hour. The process includes several levels of purification:
double-stage filtration through activated coal
Na (sodium) - treating
H (hydrogen) - treating

The finished product surpasses the industry's highest standards. In addition to high-quality vodka, "ROOM" products include a broad assortment of specialty vodkas, wine and wine drinks and bitter drinks in variety of flavors. Each bottle is carefully packaged. Vodka and wines are bottled in 0.5, 0.7, 1.0 and 1.75 litre vessels, with thin metal lids and "Guala" lids.

Since "ROOM" is the only regional liqueur producer to successfully complete manufacturing certifications requirements, it is far ahead of 19 competitors eyeing the same national and international markets the company is poised to enter. A market expansion program is in the works. "ROOM" currently is accepting inquiries from other liqueur producers interested in utilizing the company's facilities. An uniqye water purification technology - the only one of its kind in Russia - keeps beverage quality top-notch.